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Fire In The Jungle Remixed (COLOURED VINYL)

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Fire In The Jungle Remixed (COLOURED VINYL)

Release Date: 2020-03-13

Fire in the Jungle, Oliver Koletzkis eighth studio album and musical pledge for action and mindfulness in our world, goes into its next round. For this remixed EP he gathers eight like-minded and illustrious scene names to offer a remix package that doesnt leave a foot standing still. Next to Stil vor Talent label duos Hidden Empire and Lunar Plane, we find Ouie head Nico Stojan, Monaberrys finest Bebetta as well as hotshots Tim Engelhardt, Iorie and RDNK on the bill. Each artist delivers a dazzling reinterpretation of Oliver's lauded source material, making for a versatile EP ready to set dance floors alight.

Tracks on Vinyl:
A1 Oliver Koletzki feat. Aparde - Sequel (Hidden Empire Remix)
A2 Oliver Koletzki feat. Lisa Who - Away (Bebetta Remix)
B1 Oliver Koletzki feat. Temple Haze - Let Go (Tim Engelhardt Remix)
B2 Oliver Koletzki feat. Monolink - We are All Lost (Nico Stojan Remix)

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