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SVT037 Oliver Koletzki | Großstadtmärchen

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SVT037 Oliver Koletzki | Großstadtmärchen

Oliver Koletzki’s second album is an electronic album of the finest proportions. The Berlin-based techno and house producer and DJ Oliver Koletzki has fully committed himself to his roots for this album. They can be traced back to pop music of the 80ies and 90ies, while his productions still manage to transport the fresh energy of today’s electronic music productions. “Großstadtmärchen” is a perfect example for a producer’s album: Oliver Koletzki has created a musically compact long player while working together with many different singers.

1. This Is Leisure (feat. Mieze Katz)
2. Zuckerwatte (feat. Juli Holz)
3. U-Bahn (feat. Axel Bosse)
4. Kusskompatibel
5. Warschauer Strasse
6. Hypnotized (feat. Fran)
7. Kleines Zwischenspiel
8. Headshaped Box (feat. Kate Mosh)
9. These Habits (feat. Pyur)
10. Bonustrack: Die Raketen - Nimm Mich Mit (Oliver Koletzki Remix)