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SVT 100 | Oliver Koletzki presents Stil vor Talent 100 - CD

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SVT 100 | Oliver Koletzki presents Stil vor Talent 100 - CD

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Who would have thought that, when OLIVER KOLETZKI released his 'Blackout' EP as SVT001 almost eight years ago, Stil vor Talent would reach the catalogue number 100? With our 100th release, we can look back on lots of fantastic music, music by artists who have become part of a close-knit family of friends. We hear the surprising and unexpected, as well as a signature sound in constant development. We recognize the love given and care taken, by illustrators, graphic designers and everyone involved behind the scenes. Most of all, however, we look back on moments of pure bliss, spent on the dance floor with you, where the music comes into its own and works its magic.

Thus, we look brightly towards the future, to new adventures to come. Adventures, which we cannot wait to embark on together with you – the fans and supporters – who are equally important, close to our hearts, and who have made it all worthwhile. Without you, all of this wouldn't be possible. Thank you.

Price: 5 €