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SVT014 Oliver Koletzki - Get Wasted - CD


The time has come. Oliver Koletzki, whose career was kick-started in 2005 when Sven Väth picked up his tune ”Mückenschwarm“ for a re-release on his imprint Cocoon, is finally getting out his debut album “Get Wasted” in May this year. Koletzki has been hailed for his euphoric new German techno sound releasing tracks on his own two labels Stil vor Talent and Flash Recordings as well as doing numerous remixes and productions for artists as diverse as Client, Rockers Hifi, Oliver Huntemann, The Egg, Karri O, Daso, Lützenkirchen or Cassius. From dreamy minimal to stomping dance floor hits, Koletzki has got it all. Just like this album. After one and a half years of work between gigs all around the world “Get Wasted” is now being released on Olivers own label Stil vor Talent, which means: no compromising. This is 150% Koletzki. You can hear Oliver’s unique signature sound in all 11 tracks of the album. Additionally, Oliver sat down with many befriended artists like his partner from Flash Recordings Florian Meindl, Kiki from Bpitch Control, Ziggy Kinder and Kling Klong label owner Martin Eyerer to produce this diverse album. The album opens with “When We Were Young”, a natural hit building up with a catchy guitar sample until the euphoric loop kicks in. From there he moves on to more techy sounds. “Dieses Lied glaubt an sich” is a housy pusher with chopped-up vocals and a huge sample that is bathing in a wonderful breakdown. After that it’s straight down to business with title track “Get Wasted Part 1” that has been produced by no one else than Martin Eyerer himself. Rare, but nonetheless fulfilling, Oliver adds some vocals to this delirious funk-monster. Listen up! Also, together with Martin Eyerer Oliver produced the bonus track “Meniskus” which is featured exclusively on the CD version of the album: a trippily jumping minimal track with a hefty subbass. Working together with Bpitch Control artist Kiki, Oliver has created what could easily be the strongest track of the album: “Don’t forget to go home” is a hypnotic minimal masterpiece and combines the best of the two producers. Kikis effect-laden beats and Olivers memorable melodies are a perfect addition and when the subbass kicks in on the breakdown, you know why Koletzki decided to work with his buddy from Bpitch: this is elegant party music at its best! This track will already be available as a limited edition picture disc with only 700 copies worldwide. Obviously Florian Meindl, rightly one of the hottest minimal producers of the moment, has contributed a lot to this album, too. Together with Koletzki he co-produced three tracks. First there is “Get Wasted Part II”, a deep trippy rework of the title track filled with lots of delays and noise, and using a refiltered sample of the original vocal. The two tracks “Bud Spencer” and “Terrence Hill” showcase the sound of their collective label Flash Recordings: two stomping techno tracks with many different synthies and some wonderful Koletzki-Style melodies plus typical Meindleske beats. Goose bumps guaranteed! Apart from the collaboration with Ziggy Kinder on “Kick Trick” – a dirty and ravy tech-house anthem – there are two more pure Koletzki productions. “Song for S.” is a love song. If dedicated to a lost girlfriend or an old affection to melodic 80ies synthesisers, nobody knows. In any case, this track is something for the ladies; warmly moving over a grooving bassline and flying away back to more careless times. On “Requiem für die Vernunft” one can clearly hear Koletzkis early dedication for hiphop and disco. This track is full of samples reminiscent of these times. With “Get Wasted” Oliver Koletzki has clearly set the mark for his own productions. Everything from minimal dancefloor-hits to melodic pop techno, its here – and, of course, on the highest of standards! The album is released both as a DJ-friendly double-12” vinyl with 8 tracks as well as a CD, which features all 11 tracks in a seamless DJ mix by Oliver Koletzki himself, who brings the sound of the world’s club to the living room.

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