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SVT060 Niko Schwind | Good Morning Midnight - CD

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SVT060 Niko Schwind | Good Morning Midnight - CD

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01. Good Morning (feat. Fran)
02. Shine
03. Playground Love
04. People
05. Midnight
06. Back From The Bar (feat. Channel X)
07. Don’t Turn The Lights On (feat. Channel X)
08. Wake Up (feat. Staller)
09. Master of Ceremony (feat. Oliver Koletzki)
10. Coming Home (feat. Patrick Blasa)

It has been two years now since Niko Schwind’s debut album was released. In this time Niko has produced two records for Stil vor Talent, which showed his musical transition from more minimal tech-house to soulful house music. For his new album he has now produced ten tracks of house music that follow a musical journey from a pop-infused intro to musical dancefloor anthems.