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SVT086 Dapayk & Padberg – Remixed

5.00 / On Sale

Released in February, Dapayk & Padberg’s Sweet Nothings LP showcased an impressive grasp of contemporary electronic music, designed for headphones and dancefloors alike. Now, six months later, Stil vor Talent delivers a remix package that presents the reworks of competition winners Ariel Curtis and dry/wet dreams, as well as remixes by Ryan Dupree and Dapayk himself. Kicking things off, Ryan Dupree offers a deep chugging house reinterpretation of title-track ‘Sweet Nothings’, on which melancholic pads make way for a heavy-hitting piano and synth workout, while the original’s mesmerising vocals breathe over a solid bassline. Next up, ‘Backyard’, one of the album’s mysterious standout songs, gets the Dapayk four-to-the-floor treatment: his club edit animates with crisp clicks and pulsating bass, ideal for the peak time. The winners of our remix competition then share the B-side, offering two very different takes on ‘Fluffy Cloud’. First, things get positively out of hand on dry/wet dreams’ remix – an electronic big band fronted by Padberg gets our legs swinging as wild bleeps, sawing synths and deep horns stumble through the room. Ariel Curtis then takes things back to more familiar territory by creating an incredibly smooth deep house mix, perfectly suited for those sunny days thanks to a solid groove and those cooling pads. Stunning!

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