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SVT089 Fran | Frantastic - CD

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Price CD: 5 €

‘Are you ready for a journey into the mind of a girl who’s dedicated her heart to music?’,Fran asks daringly on ‘May I Introduce Myself’, the first song of her anticipated first solo LP, Frantastic.

For those following contemporary electronic music, little introduction is necessary: the 33-year-old psychologist is known for her dreamy house collaborations with husband and producer/ DJ Oliver Koletzki, with whom she co-wrote hits such as ‘Hypnotized’ and the successful album Lovestoned. The time has, however, come for Fran to bare her musical self and let the wild desire to create run free. Far from the totalitarian fist of the major labels, Frantastic was born in complete autonomy with the help of newcomer producers Oded K.dar (MiMi Müller-Westernhagen / Eddy Stevens – Moloko) and Martin Seyer (Krabbz Soundsystem).

The result is an impressively personal journey through the mind of an intelligent, emotionally rich songwriter, pitched against a diverse sonic backdrop of pop, electronica and folk.

Price: 5 €