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SVT096 Nörd I Keine Sterne - VINYL

SVT096 Nörd I Keine Sterne - VINYL

The new year reveals a couple of surprises on Stil vor Talent. Among others, we are venturing into the stormy waters of indie-pop with SVT096 ‘Keine Sterne’ by NÖRD, the label’s next extraordinary band project.

NÖRD are the brothers Paul and Leo Eisenach, who realise their unique musical ideas with drummer Matthias Wendl and the Israel-born keyboarder and sound tinkerer Oded ‘KD’ Kadar here in Berlin. They love the Beatles, the energy of The Police, The Eels’ eccentricity, the linguistic rollercoaster ride that good Hip Hop can be, football and electronic music. Together they sound like hyperactive pop, full of energetic guitars, weird and wonderful synths, big melodies and clever wordplays, which ‘Keine Sterne’ and ‘Ich Breche Zusammen’ prove instantly.

Oliver Koletzki injects the original mix of ‘Keine Sterne’ with a dose of electro-pop on his Radio Edit, but also caters for the DJs with his longer, non-vocal Remix, while Sascha Braemer & Dan Caster round off the EP in style with their after hour-centric interpretation.

Price: 15 €