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SVT111 Niconé - Burnhain EP

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SVT111 Niconé - Burnhain EP

Niconé, the versatile musician and likeable style-icon: unshaven and latently bleary-eyed, of course, but elegant
and thankfully modest at the same time. Over the past years, Alexander Gerlach has become synonymous
with a certain playful touch and light-hearted attitude that flows through his music and goes hand in hand with
a laidback natural tenor. 2011 saw him release the hugely successful Romantic Thrills album together with his
good friend and constant partner in crime Sascha Breamer. Now, two years later, Niconé is presenting his first
solo full-length, Let Love Begin, on Stil vor Talent. Burnhain gives a taste of whats to follow and is one of two
12 EP accompanying the album.