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SVT163 Reinier Zonneveld - Rushchamber EP VINYL


The energy and versatility were used to when Reinier Zonneveld takes the decks is immediately evident in his latest EP. Opening preceedings with Sharp Bust, a straight and to the point trancy bassline leads the way. Decked by mechanic stabs and hi-hats, the groove is simply hypnotic and relentless. Rushchamber, on the other hand, bears a subversive groove, with a minimal and dark bassline. Glitchy cut up vocals give an eerie feel, as the whole atmosphere becomes more and more immersive by the way of multi-layered drums. The final offering, Flatchat is anything but flat. Its intricate groove shares the dark and immersive territory of the previous track, while another set of cut up vocals draw instant attention. A descending lead padded with reverb and stabby synths, the last track rounds up the release, ending on a grave and intense note.

  • VINYL 85%